CU Cybersecurity teaches a variety of skills that are useful for aspiring pentesters, IT professionals, and security researchers, including:

  • Tools such as Wireshark and nmap
  • Physical cybersecurity
  • XSS, SQL injections, URL attacks, and other common vulnerabilities in web applications.

Other club activities include talks by people involved in the Boulder InfoSec community and interactive demonstrations with vulnerable web applications. Some members also work on projects together; for instance, the leadership is currently involved in building CTF competitions for the club.

Paintball with Green Berets.

We participate in a variety of events and competitions, including:

This year, we hope to organize a team for the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC). Come talk to us if you’re interested in joining!

More than anything, the CU Cybersecurity Club is a community of engaged students who share many of the same interests, as well as a curiosity for how computers work and how we can break them.


Mark Wilmes

Mark Wilmes (President)
Will Shand

Will Shand (Vice President)
Zachary Green

Zachary Green (Treasurer)
Michael Dresser

Michael Dresser (Events Manager)