Wargames and CTFs

We highly recommend that if you plan on participating in CTFs or wargames, you download a hypervisor for hosting virtual machines (e.g. VirtualBox, or one of VMWare’s tools). We also recommend that you download Kali Linux and install it as a new VM on your hypervisor of choice.

The computer science department has instructions for how you can install a hypervisor (this software is provided to CU students for free) and create a new virtual machine for it. We are also available to help you during our meetings.

  • provides a variety of tutorials on Linux/Unix, reverse engineering, and web security. Its most basic lab, Bandit, is our go-to resource for teaching new students who are unfamiliar with using a terminal.
  • is focused on server-side cybersecurity.
  • requires you to get user and root access to computers. It’s generally more advanced than the previous wargames.
  • for a list of upcoming CTFs.

Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC)